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Just ‘Cause:
Semi Finalist in the 2015 Scriptamation Short Screenplay Contest
Official Selection, Top 9 Finalist in the 2015 Skyway Film Festival
Finalist in the 2015 Courier Awards Screenplay Contest

Mr Mr:
Quarter Finalist in the 2015 Screencraft Horror Screenplay Contest

Quarter Finalist in the October-Noverber Edition of The Monthly Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Quarter Finalist in the Stage 32 Search For New Blood Screenplay Contest

Finalist in the Fright Night Film Festival

Finalist in the Dazed 4 Horror Film Festival

Finalist in the Haunted Horror International Film Festival

Requested for consideration by Lionsgate, MGM, and Ghost House Pictures
The Perfect Body:
Finalist in the 2015 Three Cities Festival and Conference Screenplay Contest

Official Finalist in the 2015 London Film Awards

Winner of the First Place Drama Short in the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition